Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey Girls~

       Recently, I upgraded my prescription shades to one with a nerdier bigger frame. Coincidently shades that are so big they almost eat your face out, is a current hot trend.  In fact, everywhere I turn I see this larger than life theme.  Huge clutches, MC Hammer pants, gladiators up to there, over sized tees and bla bla bla..Which is great coz i'm over clingy,skinny anything (except maybe my hazelnut chiller) :)

      After all,the world is not that small and it makes sense to magnify yourself for some "look at me!" help. Hands up anyone who's exaggerated their resume just a smidgen? Or maybe up a consonant on your bra size?
My response: guilty and guilty!

     For me, most charmingly confident women we know, not only wear large comfortably, but they also feel and think big.  Now that's a standout package :D

                     Okay one of my fave artist's style! she's hot even skinny  Bila la kau nak jadi cam dia hedzwynda? Stop it! Tinggi angan angan kan? Grrrr~ :X 

Till then, we loveeeeee fashion world rite girls?  And I love all of you..:D


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